13 Mistakes to avoid on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most popular audio distribution platforms these days. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to make sure you use it well!

SoundCloud is one of the most popular audio distribution platforms these days. We already wrote about it’s role as the heir of the MySpace throne, but what can you do to make sure you really use the platform well?

Just like Facebook and YouTube, SoundCloud is a platform which can be used or abused depending how technologically savvy you are. Here are some tips on what to avoid on SoundCloud to make sure you get the most of your profile. Read the whole article on Digital Music News, and check out writer Budi Voogt’s new book The SoundCloud Bible if you really want to master it!

Here is our summary of the most common mistakes (and how to fix them):

Set up

  1. Wrong URL. Make sure your URL is the same across all your social media and online platforms. Edit this in settings > Basic Profile.
  2. Missing links. In the advanced settings you can add links to your other social media platforms, so that fans can easily switch between them. You don’t have to overdo it, Budi Voogt suggests that your website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the most important ones.
  3. Missing bio and contact info. Put your contact email address (or that of your manager/booker) at the top, followed by a concise bio, between 50-250 words, and written in the third person.


  1. Not including your best or most representative work**. Make sure you put up tracks which are easily identifiable, and reflect what you do in the most obvious way.
  2. Uploading everything. You don’t need to upload every song you’ve ever written or recorded. People listening to your music for the first time are unlikely to listen to more than 1 or 2 tracks.
  3. Uploading unfinished tracks. Although some people do feel comfortable putting ‘work-in-progress’ tracks onto SoundCloud to get feedback or simply share their ideas, it isn’t recommended if you want your profile to enhance your professional career and chances.
  4. Poor labeling. Make sure you include your artist name, track name and mix type (if applicable.) You need to be found by your name and keywords in order for SoundCloud to help increase your public presence.
  5. Unidentified Genre. Put your genre as your first keyword. This means that SoundCloud’s ‘trending’ feature (based on genre) is more likely to pick up on your track. Other important keywords include: original artist, associated artists, record label, and other information about your background if you want to include it.


  1. Not using your account. Make sure you log in to your artist account and comment, like etc from there – this will keep your account active, and attract more attention back towards your music.
  2. Spamming others. The comment sections on other people’s tracks and profiles are not vehicles for you to advertise your new release – don’t be that person!
  3. Not replying to comments. Reply to every comment that is left on your tracks. This will make people much more likely to continue visiting your page, and research your music further.
  4. Replying like a robot. Your replies also have to be genuine – don’t just write the same message to everyone. Try to actually engage with people – you might make some amazing discoveries and new friends in the process!

If you avoid these mistakes you should be able to enjoy the SoundCloud community at it’s best, and watch your music thrive!

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