10 Spotify curators’ playlist you can submit your music to, for free.

Submit your music to a curator’s playlist for free and make your fanbase and streams grow.

Playlists are now a MUST for every musician who wants to promote his or her music. Getting your music on to a curator’s playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer can make your fanbase and income grow significantly.

Even if most of the biggest playlists are controlled by the editorial teams of each platform, there are still plenty of opportunities for unsigned and talented artists to be featured on curators’ playlists without spending a dime.

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Before starting anything, it’s important to make sure your artist profile is attractive enough, especially on Spotify, where you can now edit a large range of settings. Take the time to learn about your statistics (which is your best performing track? In which country? What are your similar artists?) and listen to curators’ playlists! That way, you have more chance to be relevant when you submit your music and to catch curators’ attention.

Here’s a list of 10 Spotify curators’ playlist you can submit your music to, for free. Start pitching:

All genres:

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BONUS: 5 more curators for specific music genre:


ROCKWHTYB – What happened to your band?.

ROCK Visit High Road Publicity and fill out their form.

DEEP HOUSESimon Field.

INDIEMusic is much more.

ELECTROSoave Records