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Turbocharge your release with a full suite of professional promotional tools

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Promote with confidence with personalized Promo Player and QR Code

With so many different stores and streaming platforms, where do you send your fans? Take out the guesswork. One link to rule them all: Share one link to your personalized promo player and fans can choose their favorite from a list. Plus, print a special QR Code on t-shirts, posters, and merch to send fans directly to the promo player.

Build momentum with Preorders, 'Save-It' now! pages, and Instant Gratification tracks.

Build momentum leading up to your release and drive fans to preorder on the iTunes Store, Amazon, and Beatport, as well as 'Save-It' now! pages on Spotify. You can also let fans stream up to 50% of the release with Instant Gratification tracks on Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon.

Take control of your brand with Artist & Label pages and Custom Pricing

Take control of your brand and take control of your Artist Pages on Apple Music and Deezer. Set the price of your release and tracks with custom pricing on the iTunes Store. And update your label page on Beatport.

What's included?

Artist Pro includes these 10 specially-selected tools for just

  • Promo player and QR code
  • 'Save-It' now! page on Spotify
  • Set your own prices for the iTunes Store
  • Pre-orders for the iTunes Store, Amazon, and Beatport
  • Instant Gratification tracks on Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon
  • Pre-listening
  • Lyrics
  • Booklet
  • Artist profile customization on Apple Music and Deezer
  • Update you label page on Beatport