Artist of the Month: MAX APOLLO

Portrait showing the Swiss musician Max Apollo. Grey background.

MAX APOLLO doesn't make music. He lives it. Every song by the young Zurich native seems to have sequences of his heartbeat in it. And this heart seems to beat strongly. It is playful and most certainly capable of seducing our ears — directly, unfiltered, without any fuss. Supported by his charismatic four-piece band, the artist creates euphoric hymns that ignite Sturm und Drang (>> German literature). Sometimes wistfully, but surprisingly constructed ballads unleash an undreamt-of surge of melancholy — often within a single song.

Live on stage the sworn troupe doesn't miss to spread a full portion of rogue charm besides flaming euphoria and technical finesse. Artists like Pete Doherty or Hecht already appreciated this when MAX APOLLO opened their respective shows for them.

The versatile portfolio also includes a debut album and a specially produced unplugged recording — both sold out, unfortunately. This musical collection soon met with even greater response and the songs have since found their way into various commercials, Swiss radio and even the German premier soccer league. In the end, however, all these phrases are meaningless, because who wants to read a text when you can just listen to his music.

MAX APOLLO - Plain White Shirt

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